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DFF - Inge Lehmann

Deadline - 21st of June, 2023
Amount - 2.2 mio DKK excl OH for 3 years

Phone: +45 7231 8200
Webpage: Inge Lehmann

The programme is open to all scientific areas and to men as well as women, but through exemption pursuant to section 3 of the Equal Opportunities Act, DFF will, as a general rule, choose female applicants over male in case of equal qualifications between two applicants. An objective assessment will, however, be made, taking into consideration all specific criteria regarding applicants, regardless of gender.
In 2022, a total of DKK 81.8 million including overhead has been allocated to the programme. An Inge Lehmann grant has a budget framework of up t0 DKK 2.2 million excluding overhead, and DFF thus expects to award 25 grants in 2023.
The target group consists of the most capable younger researchers, who can develop their potential as excellent research leaders through the management of a research project. As an applicant, you must be employed as an assistant professor/associate professor, researcher/senior researcher or fellow at a Danish research institution.

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