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Dr Abildgaard Fellowship

Deadline - 17th of April, 2024
Amount - 12 mio DKK for 5 years

Phone: +45 3046 4291
Webpage: LEO Foundation - Dr. Abildgaard Fellowships

With the LEO Foundation Dr Abildgaard Fellowships program, we aim to support talented, emerging research leaders with ambitions to establish or expand an independent research group at a Danish institution, and to pursue novel and important research questions within skin and skin diseases.

Grants of DKK 12 million are awarded for a five-year period.

For detailed information on eligibility criteria, please refer to the application guide below.

The LEO Foundation Dr Abildgaard Fellowship program is thematic. In 2023, applicants can apply within one of two research themes:

Skin immunology and inflammatory skin diseases
Skin physiology and cutaneous drug delivery
We expect to award up to four fellowships in 2023, with two fellowships available for each theme.

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