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Danish Cancer Society - Young Talented Cancer Researchers

Deadline - 14th of May, 2024
Amount - Up to 4 M DKK for 3 years

Phone: +45 3525 7259
Webpage: Danish Cancer - Funding 2024

Project funding for the establishment of research careers
The aim is to support the continuous development of young independent cancer researchers who, within the past eight years, have earned a PhD, and demonstrated the ability of research on a high level internationally. The support is allocated to outstanding and ambitious projects within all aspects of cancer research, and the funds are allocated to researchers, who have already demonstrated their potential by having obtained support for their salary; however, you can apply for 50% exemption from clinical work.
You can apply for
- Scientific and technical assistance (e.g. salary for PhD students, laboratory technicians etc.)
- Project-related running costs etc.
- Equipment up to a total of DKK 100,000
- Travel costs
You cannot apply for
- Own salary; however, you can apply for a 50% exemption from clinical work.
Please note
- There can be an exemption of the requirement of a maximum of 8 years of PhD in the case of periods of leaves such as maternity, parental, sick and care leave, and military service. Particular professional issues, such as education, clinical training or the like, which is a necessary part of a career, and where time for research has been limited, can also be taken into account.
- It is a precondition that the host institution gives priority to the area with the necessary facilities and resources/co-financing.
- Postdoctoral fellows can apply if they have already secured their independent position.
- A maximum of DKK 4m can be applied for a period of 2 - 3 years.

Danish Cancer Society