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Villum - Investigator

Deadline - 31st of August, 2022
Amount - 30-40 mio DKK for 6 years

Phone: +45 2966 7086
Webpage: Villum Investigator

VILLUM FONDEN is pleased to announce the 2020 call for the appointment of outstanding scientists as Villum Investigators. A total amount of DKK 400 million is allocated to this call. 

The aim of the Villum Investigator Programme is to allow researchers to pursue original new ideas in technical or natural sciences.
Applicants are expected to be active researchers who have a track record of excellent research for the last 10 years or more.
A Villum Investigator is appointed for a six-year period at a Danish university or another Danish research institution. Applicants who are already established in Denmark may apply for up to DKK 30 million. Applicants who at the time of application have been employed outside Denmark for at least four of the last five years may apply for up to DKK 40 million. 
You can apply, even if you have previously received a rejection. Please note that applicants in the 2020 call who are not invited for an interview will be ineligible to apply in the next Villum Investigator call in 2022.
Villum Investigators can re-apply at the end of their grant period in open competition with other applicants.

Villum Investigators are required to devote at least 75% of their total effort to the direct conduct of technical and/or natural sciences and education. Successful applicants with administrative responsibilities or other professional duties inconsistent with this time commitment are expected to work with their host institution to reduce these duties to the required level.
The research must be conducted at the Danish research institution where the applicant is employed.
The grant cannot be used to cover the base salary of the VILLUM Investigator. The host institution will continue to pay this throughout the six-year period as a VILLUM Investigator. 
VILLUM FONDEN has a focus on equal opportunities throughout the assessment process and grant period.

We do not support
Health or veterinary research, i.e. research focused on the health of humans and animals, including nutrition, medicine, biomedicine, pharmacology and research within diagnostics and methods for examination and treatment.
Furthermore, applicants affiliated with departments whose main scientific focus is within these areas (including university health departments, hospitals, the Danish Cancer Society, and DTU Health Tech) are not eligible to apply and will receive an administrative rejection.

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