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SCC - Fast track

Deadline - 1st of April, 1st of November, 2024
Amount - 100k DKK for 1 year

Webpage: fast-track

Fast-track projects last up to a year and can achieve funding of up to 100,000 DKK.
The fast track instruments must be used for support of free research ideas and hypothesis and for establishment of pilot projects, which can form basis for large external research applications later on. Thus, the fast track instruments must be a test track for new interdisciplinary climate research cooperations at SDU. A total of 9 MDKK has been allocated for the instruments, which corresponds to 90 fast track projects. The instruments will be distributed at biannual application rounds.
The instruments may be used for co-financing in collaborative projects with external partners but must go to the SDU part. The instruments cannot finance buy-out of assistant, associate and full professors, but there are no additional limitations of the use of the instruments.
Application process
There are two annual application rounds, where the deadlines are 1 November and 1 April. The applications must be written in English and comply with the requirements specified in the application template. All applications for the fast track instruments must be sent to the SDU Climate Cluster (SCC) by e-mail to Please write “Fast track application” in the subject field. We will acknowledge receipt of the application.
If the majority of the applications in an application round comes from the same few faculties, the SCC secretariat will enter into dialogue with SDU’s deans about this issue. Furthermore, the SCC will hold back distribution of instruments in the application round in question, so that the instruments are not allocated to the same faculties without a further dialogue.
Evaluation criteria
- The research idea (accounts for 50 % of the total evaluation). Evaluation of the innovation and impact potential of the project according to the SCC’s mission.
- The interdisciplinarity (accounts for 25 % of the total evaluation). Evaluation of the interdisciplinary research cooperation in the application and thepotential at sight.
- Scaling and potential for scientific development (accounts for 25 % of the total evaluation). Evaluation of the growth potential of the research idea.
Applications for fast track projects that already contain co-financing do not have preference to the instruments. They are evaluated on the same terms as other applications.
We will not allocate a fixed number of fast track instruments per application round. The grants depend on the quality and potential of the applications. However, the SCC aims at distributing instruments for approx. 10 fast track projects per application round. Therefore, as a rule the instruments will be available up to and including 2026.
Allocation of instruments
Decisions on rejections and approvals will be given in writing.
A rejection will be accompanied by a brief explanation. The applicants are welcome to resend the application in the next application round.
An approval will be followed up by an orientation meeting regarding formalities about finances, reporting and cooperation with the SDU Climate Cluster.
At the termination of the fast track report, no later than a year after receipt of the instruments, a brief evaluation (approx. 1 page) must be worked out repeating the project idea and describing the results of the project, publications, if any, presentations and how to proceed with the results of the project and the continued financing of it.
Cooperation with the SCC
SCC will prepare a brief project description for all fast track projects. The project description and contact information on the project managers will be published on SCC’s website. During the project period of the fast track project, SCC’s journalist will have a dialogue with the project team about potential communicative activities.
The applicant team for the fast track project must share knowledge about the project in a SCC context by the termination of the project e.g. an article, podcast, SCC event or as part of another interdisciplinary SDU knowledge sharing/idea development. This part can be discussed with the SCC secretariat.