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IFD - Innobooster

Deadline - 12th of December, 2024
Amount - Up to 5 M DKK but not more than 35% of the costs

Webpage: Innobooster

Investment in knowledge-based development projects in small and medium-sized Danish enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurial companies.
The Innovation Fund invests in translating promising ideas into new solutions that create growth and employment in Denmark, and which also contribute to solving some of society's challenges.
In order for you to develop a new solution, it may be necessary to provide your company with expert knowledge through a collaboration with a knowledge institution and / or a private knowledge company. You may also need to hire a new employee with special skills.
A co-financing from Innobooster can help reduce your company's extraordinary risk in an innovation project.
We invest in projects that in an innovative way can contribute to:
- develop and market mature a new product or service that has an economic and societal potential.
- Significantly improve a process in your company so that your competitiveness improves significantly.
At the same time, the solution must be able to contribute to solving societal challenges.
The Innobooster program includes both projects with significant risk and news value, where it is the solution itself that is developed. And projects that have reached a stage with a focus on testing and customization.
The latter can, for example, be through market maturation or testing of a prototype or service in real use situations with potential customers or end users.
However, there must still be a development need in the project process, as Innobooster cannot finance projects that only contain tests and verification activities.

Innovation Fund