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Industrial Postdoc in the Private Sector

Deadline - 12th of September, 2024
Amount - 1.2 mio DKK for 3 years

Phone: +45 6190 5000
Webpage: Industrial PhD in the Private Sector

An Industrial Postdoc project is a business-oriented research project that is carried out in collaboration between a private company in Denmark, a postdoc and a research institution. Innovation Fund Denmark invests both in Industrial Postdoc projects within three thematic focus areas and in Industrial Postdoc projects outside the three thematic focus areas.


Collaboration between a private company, a public research institution and an Industrial Postdoc candidate.

Co-financing of the company's expenses for the postdoc's salary and travel activity as well as the research institution's expenses for the project.

How much?
Up to DKK 22,000 per month of the Industrial Postdoc's salary and up to DKK 2,500 per month for the company's expenses for the postdoc's travels. Up to DKK 10,000 (incl. overhead) for each month during the project period to cover the research institution's project-relevant expenses.

Innovation Fund