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Spin-outs Denmark

Deadline - Continuous
Amount - 780k DKK for 1 year

Phone: +45 6550 2131
Webpage: Spin-outs Denmark

Spin-outs Denmark invests in and supports junior researchers that want to commercialize their research, create more impact and start a research-based company (spin-out).
Spin-outs Denmark focuses on the development of the entrepreneurial skills-set of junior researchers while providing the support, training and tools to drive their spin-out projects forward. Efforts will primarily be concentrated within industry 4.0 and the natural  – and technical sciences but there will also be opportunities for projects from the social sciences and humanities.

Who can apply?
Spin-outs Denmark is targeted junior researchers that want to commercialize their research, create more impact and make a research-based company (a spin-out). 
This is researchers who are qualified for a post.doc position or equivalent, employed by the institute, and who are inventor or co-inventor of research results with commercial potential and impact. Main scientific areas: industry 4.0, technical – and natural science, social science and humanities.  

What will I achieve?
By the end of the one year programme, the junior researcher has achieved professional business competences and mindset. Through funding, skill training, support and mentoring, the junior researcher will mature idea and product,  go to market/get closer to the market and furthermore, find potential costumers and investors.  In many cases the junior researcher will create a research-based company (spin-out) or establish a business plan for future spin-out.

How to apply?
The application process consists of both a written application (slide deck) and an oral pitch in front of a panel. The process are expected to last 1-2 months. The applicant must demonstrate positive expressions of interest from potential commercial partner, customer or investor, and the application must be endorsed and supported by the department.

The funding
Spin-outs Denmark grant consists of DKK 600.000 (salary), DKK 80.000 (bench fee) plus 15 pct. overhead in each project, and a project lasts 12 months. Over the next 5 years, Spin-outs Denmark expects to fund 50-60 translational post-docs.