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IFD - Grand Solutions: Life Science and Health

Deadline - 5th of April, 2023
Duration is often 2-5 years

Phone: +45 6190 5052
Webpage: Grand Solutions - Life Science and Health

With investments within this call, Innovation Fund Denmark will support that Denmark’s strong knowledge and research position within the field is transformed into inventions, products, and technologies, which benefit Denmark. This call consists of two parts.
Enterprises, research institutions or public institutions in or outside Denmark, directly involved in the project activities, is eligible to apply, participate and receive funding from Innovation Fund Denmark
Co-financing of expenses for e.g. salaries, equipment, other project-related costs, external services, etc. (see section 1.5 in the Grand Solutions guidelines published end of January 2022 for further information)
How much?
Part A: Life science, health and welfare technology: Minimum 127.4 mill. DKK.*. Investment per project (within part A): from 5 mill. to 40 mill. DKK. Part B: Stem cell research center: 24.5 mill. DKK.


Aim of the call
This call consists of the following parts:
A. Life science, health and welfare technology
At least DKK 127.4 million *
B. Stem Cell Research Center
24.5 million DKK

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