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Louise Dupont Heidemann

Head of Section
SDU Analytics

Phone: +45 6550 3174

What Louise brings to the table

Louise is characterized by attentive leadership and creating environments in which different skills work together to find the best and most viable solutions.

Louise´s ambition is to create a meaningful and sustainable work environment through teamwork with room for creativity and testing new methods and solutions. In the ever-changing workplace, flexibility in roles, responsibilities and our approach to work assignments is key. Louise´s focus is there for on having the right collection of skills and securing the agility of those skills.

Louise joined SDU Analytics in February 2024, but have been working at SDU for over 8 years collectively. Louise is experienced within the field of strategic management support and policy work and draws on that experience when it comes to meeting the expectations of the organization concerning data analysis.

Primary work areas

  • Head of Section in SDU Analytics.
  • Promoting strong relationships across the university.
  • Securing a strong and sustainable teamwork within SDU Analytics which foster the best and most viable products for the users.
  • Securing the groundwork for strategic decision-making through data analysis.
Lifelong learning
  • SDU Leadership Program (fall 2024)
  • Systemic leader and consultant education program (2013/2014) (MacMann Berg)
  • Cand.mag. in Danish Language and Literature and Philosophy (2003)
  • SDU Project Management Program (2009)
Outreach and presentations
  • Presentation and meetings with internal and external stakeholders focusing on strategic decision-making.