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Advanced Analytics

About Project Advanced Analytics

The Board of Governors and the Executive Board have decided to intensify the use of advanced analytics for strategic management information. Advanced Analytics is the term for advanced data processing, such as machine learning, where large amounts of data from many different sources are used to make forecasts. In Advanced Analytics, traditional statistical methods are replaced by modern data analytics and data science. Advanced Analytics differs from classic standard BI reporting from the business systems by having an analytic predictive focus that provides recommendations for major strategic decisions. In comparison, the content of the classic management information is typically defined in relation to several legality requirements, external reporting requirements and operational management needs in the organization.

Project Advanced Analytics has two parallel projects.

Advanced Analytics 1.0, the purpose is to:

  • Strengthen management's strategic decision making with forecasts that focus on organizational learning - initially regarding student behavior. 2019: A black box model (long-term memory recurrent neural network model) is developed for monthly prediction of educational quality parameters, eg the risk of student drop-out.
    2020: White box models are being developed to identify decisive factors for the level of educational quality parameter predictions, such as the risk of student drop-out.
  • Strengthen the potential of developing academic learning by developing web-based dashboards that can enrich educators with knowledge of the students they teach.
    2020: Dashboards will be developed for teachers, providing a comprehensive overview of new knowledge about the students they teach. The first program to test the solution is the public domain.
  • Strengthen students' opportunities for self-monitoring and feedback in relation to their study efforts.
    2020: A Student Analytic Lab is set up where students are hired to develop student-to-student solutions. Initially, a self-monitoring tool is being developed to create an overview and to act as a digital aid during the studies.

Advanced Analytics 2.0, the purpose is to:

  • Strengthen management's strategic decision making with forecasts that focus on organizational learning - initially regarding existing metrics for research. 2020: Experiment with prediction to develop tools in focused business areas.

The machine learning part of the project has been in the EU tender for 2018 to ensure the strongest external assistance for the development of machine learning models. From 2019, the first deliveries from the projects are expected.

Please contact Head of Analytics Jacob Jensen, e-mail:,
tel: +45 6550 9293 for information about the Advanced Analytics project.

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