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Preboarding advice

A new job in a new country is a huge change in the new employees’ life and can cause a lot of insecurity and stress.  
Therefore, ISO has some advice for both managers and colleagues to secure a good onboarding of new international employees.

Before the new employee arrives:

  • Make sure to keep in touch with the new employee regularly before he/she starts.
  • Make sure that all the practical and technical things are taken care of, before start.
  • Find a buddy for the new employee, who can help with all the practical issues.
  • Include or forward relevant emails from the Department or team to the new employee.
  • Remember that there may be cultural differences between the Danish employees and the new international employee.
  • Consider setting up a meeting between the new employee and ISO’s adviser regarding the preparations before the arrival in Denmark.
  • Sign the new employee up for the next coming Introduction Day.
  • In case the new employee has an accompanying spouse/partner, you can contact ISO’s social advisor, Annika Jarl at:
  • Make sure that the new colleague has an introduction plan before arriving.

After the new employee arrives:

  • Arrange a breakfast, where the employee can get an introduction to the team.
  • Arrange a meeting a with the staff representative and working environment representative and the Head of the Department.
  • Give the new employee a tour of the department and other relevant places

Find more information on SDUnet here.

Last Updated 31.08.2023