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The Rectorate

The Rectorate is the top level of management of the University of Southern Denmark and consists of the Rector, the Pro-Rector and the University Director. The Pro-Rector assists the Rector with the day-to-day management, and the University Director heads the University’s administration.


Jens Ringsmose took up the position of Rector of the University of Southern Denmark in November 2021.

Jens Ringsmose earned his degree in History at SDU where he also studied and researched the field of security and defence policy. Jens Ringsmose previously served as dean of the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences at SDU. During his tenure, he created visible results and among other things brought about SDU’s collaboration with Media City Odense and SDU’s Business School.

SDU has been a consistent factor in Jens Ringsmose’s career, which also includes positions at Danish Institute for Military Studies (now Center for Military Studies) and the Royal Danish Defence College. Jens Ringsmose’s career is built on extensive professional and managerial experience, and also includes a large national and international network.

Other positions and managerial duties

Jens Ringsmose is deputy chair of the Rectors’ College of Danish Universities and the Think Tank Europa’s Advisory Board.

In addition, Jens Ringsmose is a member of the following boards:

  • Odense Port A/S
  • Den Fynske Bladfond
  • Science Parks of Southern Denmark
  • Fonden Campus Kollegiet (chair)
  • Digital Dogme
  • Thomas B. Thriges Kollegium
  • Energy Fyn's Development Foundation
  • Erhvervshus Fyn 
  • Erhvervshus Sydjylland


2007: PhD, Department of Political Science, University of Southern Denmark
2002: MA, Department of History, University of Southern Denmark


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Contact: Secretary Liff Skyt,, tlf. +45 60 11 10 31

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Jens Ringsmose


Helle Waagepetersen took up the position of Pro-Rector at SDU in August 2022.

Helle Waagepetersen has a background as a pharmacist (MScPhm) and her research career is rooted in cellular neuropharmacology.

She has in-depth knowledge of education and research from her positions as head of studies and head of department at the University of Copenhagen where she was a culture bearer in strategy work and organisational changes that have increased collaboration on the core values of research, education and innovation.

Honours such as the Alzheimer Research Foundation’s Researcher Award, the European Society of Neurochemistry Young Lectureship Award and the Teacher of the Year attest to a deep professionalism and the ability to set a new framework for teaching.

Helle Waagepetersen is a member of the Committee of Educational Policy of Universities Denmark and of the following boards and forums:

  • Sino-Danish Center (SDC)
  • Uddannelse Vejle
  • Uddannelsesalliancen Odense
  • Rectors' Forum Kolding
  • Syddansk Uddannelsesforum
  • Danish International Manufacturing Academy (DIMA)
  • Advisory Board for ‘Strengthening well-being and completion at universities’ organised by the Danish Evaluation Institute


2000: PhD, Danish School of Pharmacy
1997: MSc in Pharmacy, Danish School of Pharmacy

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Contact: Secretary Majbrit Brandt-Nielsen,, tlf. +45 65 50 28 56

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Thomas Buchvald Vind took up the position of University Director at the University of Southern Denmark in May 2017.

Throughout his career, Thomas Buchvald Vind has worked with managing, optimising and changing public organisations and private companies, as well as developing strategies, bringing them to life and translating them into concrete results and gains.

Before joining the University of Southern Denmark, Thomas Buchvald Vind served as CFO, Director of Group Finance with the overall responsibility for financial control at the University of Copenhagen. Prior to that, Thomas Buchvald Vind was managing consultant at PA Consulting Group where he also worked extensively with the education and university sector.

Other positions and managerial duties

Thomas Buchvald Vind is chair of the Committee of University Directors, Universities Denmark and a member of several external forums, including the New SIS steering committee, the Campus Odense steering committee and Odense Climate Partnership.

In addition, Thomas Buchvald Vind is a member of the following boards:

  • Svendborg Gymnasium (chair) 
  • Ejendomsselskabet Den Fynske Forskerpark


2014: Master of Public Governance (MPG), Copenhagen Business School (CBS)/University of Copenhagen (KU)
2002: MSc, Political Science, University of Copenhagen
1998: MSc, Social and Political Theory, University of Edinburgh


Contact: Secretary Tina Kortbek,, tlf. +45 6011 1033

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Thomas Buchvald Vind

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