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Combine data and business understanding and create new opportunities for businesses in constantly changing markets.

In companies, data is becoming increasingly essential. In this program, you will gain strong analytical skills to work with data from various sources along with a solid understanding of business and an innovative mindset. These competencies will empower you to develop new business opportunities based on the effective use of data.

You can apply your skills in launching new enterprises or contributing to the development of established businesses in Denmark and internationally.



At the program you will be taught by internationally recognized researchers who are not only passionate about teaching but also actively engage in the business community. You will therefore meet companies during your courses and projects on multiple occasions.

This means that you obtain an education that combines the highest academic knowledge with a practical understanding of business challenges.

In the moderate sized classes, there is ample opportunity and time for dialogue and collaboration between students and teachers. This ensures that you have the best conditions to enhance your academic skills.



With a degree in Data driven Business Development you will be the expert in bridging the gap between data and business. You will typically find employment where you visualize data, engage in business development, manage IT-project or works as a Business Intelligence consultant.