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21.06.2023   kl. 11:15 - 12:15

ATLAS x DIAS: RNA in space

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Rajewsky, Scientific Director, Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology of the Max Delbrück Center.
Professor, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Invited and presented by DIAS Chair of Science Susanne Mandrup

RNA in space

"The Rajewsky lab studies how RNA regulates gene expression in health and disease. We collaborate with various clinicians and have built up human brain organoids as a personalized brain disease system.

For understanding the function of RNA in early development, stem cell biology, diseases and regeneration, we traditionally work in a variety of model systems (including C. elegans, Planaria and mice) but in recent years are transforming into medical/clinical systems. For example, we have established patient-derived brain organoids in the lab and study the role of RNA in human brain diseases. We apply single-cell methods and gene-editing or RNA knockdowns by CRISPR directly in brain organoids. We also enjoy direct collaborations with various hospitals from the Charité, such as Neurological Diseases, Pediatric Cancer, and others."

The lecture takes place in the DIAS Auditorium, Fioniavej 34. Everybody is welcome and no registration is needed.