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Decision Aids and Monitoring Biomarkers in Liver Disease

Bevillingshaver: Anne-Marie Mai
Periode: 2021-2025

The research group:
Professor Anne-Marie Mai, IKV. 
Associate Professor Anders Juhl Rasmussen, IKV.
Professor Anette Søgaard Nielsen, KI.
PhD-student Johanne Kragh Hansen, KI.

The ambition of DECIDE  is to reduce death and disease from alcohol-related and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. We will do this by combining clinical research with interdisciplinary efforts from basic science, narrative medicine and patient involvement. The goal is to aid the physicians’ decisions about their patients by providing accurate, efficient and easily interpretable tests and to aid patients’ decisions about their own health and well-being, in the understanding that human health encompasses much more than laboratory tests. Fatty liver disease from alcohol, obesity and type 2 diabetes is present in 25% of the population and each year causes 3.3 million deaths worldwide. Despite this, we still lack accurate decision tools that can be used in primary care to diagnose and monitor people at risk of developing life-threatening liver complications. We will therefore conduct a longitudinal study of 5,500 people designed to develop and validate such tests.”