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Social Science

The PhD programme in social science was established by the PhD School at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences in the spring of 2010. PhD students in social science can only be enrolled in a three year programme.

The programme in social science includes studies which do not fall within any of the regular PhD programmes in economics, business administration, law, journalism, and political science and public administration. The programme will typically be relevant for PhD projects that cross disciplinary boundaries, but it can also be the most appropriate programme if a PhD student has his or her training in other disciplines within the social sciences (e.g. anthropology, psychology, sociology). PhD students can only be admitted to the programme if academic staff from one of the departments and research units under The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences is qualified as principal supervisor, and if a Head of Department accepts to host the PhD student.

To be admitted to the PhD programme in social science applicants must have obtained a Master Degree in a relevant field. Applicants must have distinguished themselves at the Master level and received a top-grade for their Master thesis. In addition, applicants will usually be asked to submit a project proposal which may be thematically defined. However, other admission requirements can be defined on an ad hoc basis.

The programme committee that evaluates applications for the PhD programme in social science consists of the Head of the PhD School and the chairpersons of the four standing programme admission committees for business administration, economics, law, and political science & journalism.

All admitted PhD students for the social science programme are required to pass PhD courses equivalent to 30 ECTS (one semester’s course work). In this respect, the requirement is not different from the other PhD programmes at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences. An individual PhD plan, including a course plan, plan for stay at another research institution, and knowledge communication, must be completed no later than two months after admission. Completed courses must be approved by the PhD Committee.

The rules and guidelines that apply for all PhD students enrolled at the PhD School at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences and further information about vacant PhD positions, application procedures, admission requirements, etc. are available at the PhD School’s website:

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