Vision and aims

TIC’s vision is to become a nationally and internationally recognised research centre in tourism and sustainable development. To realise this vision it is a requirement that  the centre conduct pure and applied research.

Research quality shall be ensured through:

• Publications in international periodicals
• Publication of Danish language monographs and articles
• Participation in national and international research forums
• Participation in Nordic, European and other international research projects
• Affiliated with at least 4-5 PhD scholarships
• Participation in one or more relevant research schools
• In-house activities

Applied research is carried out in close collaboration with Danish companies, business development companies, special interest organisations and political and administrative organisations (local, regional and national). Some applied research will be focus on international partners. The overall aims are to:

• Become an international research centre; recognised for excellence and innovation
• Become an attractive partner for other universities, knowledge institutions, businesses and public bodies
• Help to raise the level of competency, improve the conditions and options for a sustainable tourist industry (in a broad sense) in Denmark
• Support innovation processes, management, creativity and intercultural communication in the tourist and experience economy in Denmark
• Assist in the development of new degrees and to further develop existing degree courses
• Assist in attracting more Danish and foreign students
• Assist in attracting more external project resources. 

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