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Seminar resumé

PCAM seminar: 9. februar

GENOME2QUNOME: Translational paradigm interfacing molecules with nanomaterials

ved Pritam Kumar Panda, Institutionen för fysik och astronomi, Uppsala Universitet

Tid & Zoom link

9. februar  2023, 15.00 - 15.45

Seminaret afholdes online. Link kan fås ved at kontakte Katharina.

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Bio-inspired nanomaterials have shown promise as a general class of user-friendly nanoelements with applications in biosensing, bioimaging, biocatalysis, antibacterial treatment  and biotherapy. The functional nanomaterial may be designed to identify the target location in highly variable in-vitro and in-vivo settings by employing a wide range of chemical modifications or manipulating the biological interaction at its surface. Although many biological systems call for a key-and-lock strategy for molecular interaction, surface engineering offers an alternate way of developing the required specificity in bio-functionalised nanomaterials. The attachment of living molecules to the surface of nanomaterials is a prerequisite for guaranteeing their biosafety. These biological molecules include nucleic acids, proteins and antibodies. When it comes to biomedical applications, the most important qualities of an advanced nanomaterial are their low toxicity, excellent biocompatibility and one-of-a-kind reactions to stimuli like light, electricity and magnetism. In this talk, I will briefly discuss different mechanisms related to biosensing, nanogenerators and functional stimuli-based on functional nanostructures, including ZnO-tetrapods.

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