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M. Madan Babu

M. Madan Babu is Programme Leader of the Regulatory Genomics and Systems Biology group at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK. His group investigates how regulation is achieved at multiple levels of complexity in cellular systems and how this influences the evolution of organisms and their genome.

M. Madan Babu obtained his PhD at the MRC-LMB (2004) and did a short postdoc at the NIH before starting his own research group at MRC-LMB in 2006.

He has received multiple national and international recognitions and awards, such as the Balfour Award from the Genetics Society, theColworth Medal from the Biochemical Society, the Young Investigator award from EMBO, the Innovator Award from the International Society of Computational Biology, the UK Blavatnik Award for Life Sciences and the Francis Crick Medal from the Royal Society.

He has received competitive grants (e.g. ERC consolidator grant; 2016) and holds several positions of trust,  including anas advisory member of the NHS and Genomics England joint pharmacogenomics working group (2018). He is an elected member of EMBO (2016) and the Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (2017).

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