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PhD projekter



Improving the comfort of crew and passengers on board ships
Ph.d.-studerende Elma Ramic

Topology optimisation for high heat flux applications
Ph.d.-studerende Amirhossein Bayat

Condition monitoring of vessels to identify high-exposure operations
Ph.d.-studerende Casper Aaskov Drangsfeldt

Digital Twins of Axial Piston Pumps (APPs) for Machine
Learning based Condition Monitoring

Ph.d.-studerende Vijayasankar Irissappane

Unterwater broadband noise emissions from cavitating propellers,
Ph.d.-studerende Leonie Föhring

Fatigue Analysis of Additively Manufactured Titanium Components
Ph.d.-studerende Deborah Kaschube


A Novel Node Design using High Strength Steel for Jacket Structure,
Ph.d.-studerende Mikkel Løvenskjold Larsen

Analysis and Design Optimization of Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage System based on Phase Change Material Climate Modules, 
Ph.d.-studerende Hafiz Muhammad Adeel Hassan

Analysis of Heated Urea-water Solution Droplets for Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems
Ph.d.-studerende Daniyal Khan

Analytical Fatigue Life Assessment of a Full Scale Wind Turbine Test Bench
Ph.d.-studerende Nimai Domenico Bibbo

Experimental Fatigue Life Assessment of a Full Scale Wind Turbine Test Bench
Ph.d.-studerende Jesper Berntsen

System Identification of Aeroelastic Parameter-varying Systems using Real-time Operational Modal Analysis
Ph.d.-studerende Goran Jelicic 

Methodology for Determination of Vibration Damping of an Offshore Wind Turbine Supporting Structure,
Ph.d.-studerende Jonas Gad Kjeld

Autonomous Ships from the Perspective of Operation and Maintenance,
Ph.d.-studerende Stig Eriksen

Fatigue Strength of Welded Thin Steel Structures
Ph.d.-studerende Tobias Pawlowitz

Robust Identification of Modal Parameters of Nonlinear and Time Variant Systems,
Ph.d.-studerende Karsten Krautwald Vesterholm

Vibration and Strain Monitoring of an Offshore Structure,
Ph.d.-studerende Silas Sverre Christensen

Fatigue Strength of  Weld Seams at a Structural Health Monitored Offshore Platform,
Ph.d.-projekt af Michael Krenzel

Damping Estimation in Operational Modal Analysis
Ph.d.-projekt af  Esben Orlowitz 

Estimation of condition and remaining useful lifetime for oil lubricated machinery in ships,
Ph.d.-projekt af  Morten Henneberg

Sidst opdateret: 14.03.2024