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Nonlinear super-elements for wind turbine blades - Lucas Silveira
The PhD project objective is the development of nonlinear super-elements of wind turbine blades for the improvement of structural models to be used in aeroelastic simulations and blade design optimisation. Traditionally dynamic simulations of wind turbines are based on modelling structural components like the blades using low fidelity models based on beam elements or linear modal expansion. The direct use of high-fidelity models based on shell or solid elements on dynamic models are too computationally costly especially since thousands load cases must be computed.

Modelling and optimization of plasmonic nanostructures for sensing and energy application - Matiyas Tsegay Korsa
The exploitation of propagating surface plasmons and localized surface plasmons provide wide applications in bio-sensing, biomolecular detection, optical nano-devices, optical nano-circuits, highly sensitive optical devices. To understand the physics of plasmonic nanostructures and for the application purpose, different modelling techniques have been implemented. To mention a few, finite element modelling techniques, rigorous coupled-wave analysis (RCWA), and Mie-theory calculations are popular computation methods for plasmonic nanostructures.

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