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Courses within Chemistry, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Within the field of chemistry, chemical and environmental engineering, we offer three courses - below, you will find more information about each course.

Please check the individual course descriptions for possible prerequisites and remember to see at which campus it is offered.



Biorefinery and Green Fuel Technology (CANCELLED)

Please note that this course has unfortunately been cancelled

This course will provide fundamental understanding of technologies for high value products and fuel production from biomass and other renewable sources. The students are expected to obtain understanding of a comprehensive biorefinery system and clear insights into sustainable ways of biorefining options i.e. raw material to final products within the EU and Danish strategic context toward a green transition.

Course description | Teaching mode: Blended | Offered in Odense | Offered by: Department of Green Technology



Chemical Biology

In this diverse course, students will learn about the molecular origins of biological processes by applying chemistry to the “building blocks of life” and implement this knowledge in the space of smart therapeutics, biomolecular structure and function, and drug delivery systems.

Course description | Teaching mode: On campus | Offered in Odense | Offered by: Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy



Engineering for Sustainability

The course provides you with skills for understanding the challenges of sustainable development. You will get an introduction to Environmental System Analysis theory, methods and tools. You will learn when and how to apply such methods to the engineering tasks of assessing and designing sustainable solutions. We apply a systems approach throughout the course, and you will get insight into some of the societal frameworks and concepts to sustainability such as Industrial Ecology, Industrial Symbiosis, Circular Economy and Bio-Economy as well as the concept of Cleaner Technology/Best Available Technology and its role in EU environmental regulation. You will get an introduction to some of the core tools, e.g. Material Flow Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment.

Course description | Teaching mode: Blended | Offered in Odense | Offered by: SDU Life Cycle Engineering


Last Updated 26.01.2022