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Immerse yourself in the reality of business economics and test the theories in practice while you are studying

A Bachelor's programme in Economics and Business Administration contains a broad range of business economics subjects, including marketing, accounting, finance, IT, planning, and organisational theory. It provides you with a versatile set of business skills that can be used in both private and public companies and within a wide range of industries. A BSc in Economics and Business Administration from SDU enables you to hold a position within virtually any of a company's administrative functions.The “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” line has a particular focus on the interaction between theory and practice. As something unique to the line, you can from the second semester choose to work with the start-up of your own company or find a host company to be affiliated with for the rest of the programme.

No matter if you start your own company, or if you find a host company, you will use the main subjects of the programme to work with specific issues – either in your own company or in the host company. This will provide you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the reality of business economics and to test the theories in practice, while you are studying. This means that you will have practical experience on your CV as well as an active professional network, when you graduate.


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