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CoSE Lab: The Coding and Software Engineering Lab

Coding and Software Engineering Lab (CoSELab)

Software is increasingly the core fundament for the value creation of products and services. However, there is a major lack of professional software developers. Therefore, we need to support the already working software developers with knowledge and practices for them to be as successful as possible. This requires a tighter collaboration between industry and academia in Denmark. The CoSELab is a laboratory dedicated to software developers and their software development artifacts with a focus on organizations in the Region of Southern Denmark.


Our vision is to enable software developers and researchers together to understand coding and software engineering as it unfolds in practice to inform software engineering practices, tools and techniques to improve the work of software developers. The hope is that the knowledge and experience from the lab can not only help the individual developers but can help the wider community in general, as a new model for collaboration within the software domain.



  • Empirical studies of software development technologies and practices
  • Analysis of software artefacts
  • Science-based consultancy on software development practices


Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard
SDU Software Engineering/Center for Industrial Engineering
+45 65507965 
  Thiago Rocha Silva
SDU Software Engineering
+45 65501790 

Last Updated 07.12.2023