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Research Projects

The following items are central research questions in this unit’s daily work:

  • How is innovation and change in sports practice, with a specific focus on education and learning, practiced?
  • How does the user (the student, teacher, sports talent and coach) become an active player who contributes to the development of new practices?
  • How do you develop a school where body and movement give power to education, learning and wellfare?
  • How is good sports and movement practice strengthened?
  • How can you design learning, education and educational aids that combine physical activity and learning and how should this work in practice?
  • What characterises successful talent development environments within different fields of performance such as sports, music, business community and the school system?
  • What do social relations and different environments mean to performance and learning in connection with talent development?
  • What characterises successful athletes’ career directions – including the meaning of central shifts and key persons?
  • How to develop and optimise the modern sports psychology consultant's interventions, including theoretical foundations and impact evaluation?

Last Updated 04.12.2023