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Industrial Crystallization


As a unique research group in Denmark having academic crystallization expertise, the Industrial Crystallization group in SDU-ChE has been active in producing international publications, participating conferences and cooperating with Danish industries. The key research subjects include:

  1. Process Analytical Technology (PAT) for crystallization process intensification for manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Long term collaboration with the production department of Lundbeck in Lumsås has been established to assistant on addressing the critical issues regarding the particulate properties of the crystallized API.

  2. Crystallization of API with critical property requirements. We are aiming at gain in-depth understanding of the formation of different crystal structures of API at molecular level and furthermore to implement appropriate process and product control for pharmaceutical production.

  3. Multi-stage reactive crystallization process design and development for recovery of high purity phosphate products from waste water systems. We are aiming at developing a new cascade crystallization process that can recover phosphate from the wastes and furthermore to convert it into high purity phosphate products with diverse industrial applications. This will contribute to the sustainable P-supply.


Contact information:

Professor WSR, Haiyan Qu

Last Updated 18.11.2021