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Courses within Civil and Architectural Engineering

Within the field of civil and architectural engineering, we offer two courses - below, you will find more information about each course.

Please check the individual course descriptions for possible prerequisites and remember to see at which campus it is offered.



Experimental Architecture with Computational Design and Digital Fabrication

The Summer School course will focus on exploring ideas and producing design artifacts as answers to some fundamental driving questions: What kind of tectonic configurations can be enabled by means of digital fabrication such as additive and robotic manufacturing? How do we realize high-performance architecture with it? How can we build bespoke architecture in a sustainable way? Adopting a design/make approach, catalyzed through tailored computational techniques, various structural configurations will be investigated. The school outcomes will be contributing to the creation of an atlas of digitally fabricated tectonic prototypes: Experimental architectural configurations where material/form/structure are developed in a coherent design approach which takes full advantage of the potential of emergent fabrication techniques.

Course description | Level: Bachelor - 5 ECTS | Offered in Odense | Offered by: Civil and Architectural Engineering



Cities and Climate Change

The summer school course aims to bring together multi-disciplinary knowledge and perspectives on climate change adaptation and mitigation in cities, from science and practice. The summer school course aims to expand the students' knowledge of policies, tools, and strategic and action planning for urban resilience, responding to the need for systemic change in tackling climate change. 

The summer school course uses systems thinking approach and a process design methodology to build the necessary skills and competencies to respond to a systemic transformation to foster urban climate actions. The students will work in groups using real cities worldwide, including Global South ones, as a case study to develop strategic and action plans for an urban low-carbon and resilient transition.

Course description | Level: Bachelor - 5 ECTS | Offered in Odense | Offered by: Civil and Architectural Engineering


Last Updated 02.02.2023