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Courses within Business, Economics and Social Sciences

Within the field of business, economics and social sciences, we offer three courses - below, you will find more information about each course.

Please check the individual course descriptions for possible prerequisites and remember to see at which campus it is offered.



Introduction to R

R is one of the most popular programming languages in data science, statistics, and other quantitative sciences, with a growing number of users and organizations using it. It is a free, powerful, versatile, and easy to use tool for data analytics and visualization. The course will help you master R, from installation to basic statistics. You will learn general programming features and how to analyze and visualize data.

Course description | Level: Bachelor - 5 ECTS | Offered in Odense | Offered by: Faculty of Business and Social Sciences



Global Challenges I: The SDGs Relevance for the Social Sciences

We live in a new era when ideas, technologies, people, and diseases cross borders at a speed that was unseen before. It creates new opportunities as well as new risks. That is why leaders and experts work on a new development agenda to guide humanity to safety and prosperity. The new agenda is based on a set of certain development goals which all together can be called sustainable development goals (SDGs).  The course, “Global Challenges I: The SDGs relevance for the Social Sciences I”, discusses with the students the academic and policy-related approaches to deal with SDGs. An understanding of SDGs is important to the future social scientist, as well as to an ordinary member of a social community. This course allows students to embrace the complexity of sustainable development from economic, legal, cultural, political, and historical perspectives. Understanding the complexity should show the ways how the humankind could answer the challenges of the time.  To achieve the aim, we apply the seeking-for-a-solution- based teaching approach.

Course description | Level: Master - 5 ECTS | Offered in Odense | Offered by: Department of Political Science and Public Management



Transnational Entrepreneurship, Ideas and Migration

Are you interested in transnational business and entrepreneurship? Or how ideas travel around? Or how migration shapes our economies? The era of globalization has connected business and trade across borders in multiple ways, facilitating transnational entrepreneurship, movement of people and their ideas, fostering innovation, investment, global supply chains and cosmopolitan diasporas. During the recent turbulent times, entrepreneurial ecosystems connecting local with global forming cross-border social capital and knowledge networks have manifested their importance for regional development and resilience. Additionally, technological advancement and digitalization provide increasing opportunities for economic collaboration and development facilitating international trade, investment, and entrepreneurship. We address such phenomena and connect the dots to capture insights and concepts like Invisible Diaspora hand or diffusion of innovation. While studying the topic we gain theoretical understanding and multidisciplinary viewpoints, apply the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, exercise critical thinking and strategize solutions collaboratively on a real-life research problem. Be a change agent with us!

Course description (TBA) | Level: Master - 5 ECTS | Offered in Odense | Offered by: Department of Business and Management


Last Updated 16.02.2023