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Courses within Behavior and Sustainability

Within the field of behavior and sustainability, we offer one course - below, you will find more information about the course.

Please check the individual course descriptions for possible prerequisites and remember to see at which campus it is offered.



Behavior Change for a Sustainable Future

The summer school course combines theory and practice by enabling students to plan and carry out their own behavior design studies in order to induce more sustainable behavior. Thus, the focus will be on changing the behaviors of individuals and on testing the approaches. Students will learn about the psychological basis of various strategies of influence and behavior change, about cognitive biases and other obstacles to rational decision making, about the influence of mindset, about the role of understandable communication for decision making, as well as about the attitude-behavior gap and methods to mitigate that. In parallel, this summer school course will consider the role of organizations (private companies, NGOs etc.) in initiating and communicating change towards sustainability. One of the summer school course’s modules will be dedicated to learning about theories and practices of organizational change. We will assess these changes (e.g., towards "greener" packaging, sustainable business models, or corporate responsibility). The summer school also includes a hands-on training on how to initiate change with friends and co-workers.
The empirical approach taken will empower students to implement real-life studies, as well as document and report these studies in scientific ways.

Note: this course is offered for both bachelor and master level students, even though the course description only states bachelor

Course description | Level: Bachelor and Master  - 5 ECTS | Offered in Sønderborg  | Offered by: Department of Design and Communication


Last Updated 16.03.2023