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Financial recovery at BSS

The University Board has approved a recovery plan intended to eliminate an annual, structural deficit at BSS. This means that 31 employees have been appointed for dismissal

BSS has for a period of time been focusing on the financial challenges facing the Faculty. Already last year, the Faculty Management noted that expectations about future income will not be honoured, making it necessary to reduce the cost level by closing down positions.
Over the past years, the Faculty has therefore been reluctant to fill vacancies, and in recent months voluntary redundancy and senior agreements have been entered with a number of employees. But it has not been sufficient to bring the budget in balance.

Employees have been notified

This Monday, the University Board approved a recovery plan which means that 31 employees have been notified that they have been appointed for dismissal.
- We have been working hard to reduce the number of dismissals by cancelling a significant number of planned job openings and entering into voluntary redundancy and senior agreements, but regrettably we will have to say goodbye to a number of employees in our departments and administration, says Dean Nikolaj Malchow-Møller.
The employees that have been appointed for dismissal will, to the extent possible, be relocated within the University of Southern Denmark.

Balance in 2017

During the spring, BSS has evaluated its activities and presented a strategy for the development of the Faculty’s education programmes and research. The recovery plan is based on this strategy.
- We are dealing with a special situation here at BSS, and we have now laid down a sensible plan in which the Faculty will regain financial balance in 2017, giving us the economic scope to work on the future development and ensure sustainable teaching and research environments, says Vice-Chancellor Henrik Dam.

Editing was completed: 08.10.2015