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Become an EU project evaluator


As an evaluator you get:

  • Knowledge of and a lead on the latest research in an EU context.
  • Knowledge of EU research policies and strategies that can become useful if you consider applying. 
  • The opportunity to expand your network and meet future project partners.
  • A profound understanding of the assessment process which can increase your chances at the EU. 
  • Great insight into the characteristics of a successful EU application.  


To be considered, the first step is to register as an expert in the EU expert database. You can do this through the Commission's website

Here you will need to state:

  • Contact information
  • Employments
  • Experience
  • Areas of expertise: State at least three areas from a predefined list. The Commission will use these areas to select the relevant evaluator for a given call. 

A good idea is to consider whether some of the areas you cover are less represented to increase your chances of becoming a committee. At SDU RIO, we are happy to help you uncover these areas. 


What is expected of you?

As a starting point, expect to spend 3-4 weeks carrying out the evaluations through the evaluation process. As a rule of thumb, you get €450 a day (about two applications per day) + you get any travel expenses covered. The evaluation can be done remotely and in Brussels. 

You evaluate a number of applications on your own, based on the given evaluation criteria. Subsequently, a consensus report is prepared in collaboration with the other evaluators who have evaluated the same applications. Typically, there will be three evaluators, of whom one has been appointed as the project coordinator – this is often the most experienced evaluator. Read more about your role as an evaluator and the process here


More information

Eurocenter has prepared a good webinar + a presentation where you can read/see more about how to register, the Commission’s selection criteria, expectations, and experiences from other Danish evaluators. You can find the presentation here. 

You are also more than welcome to contact Lena Lykke Jønch-Clausen at if you have any questions or need help related to your application. 


Last Updated 30.03.2020