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Pioneering cooperation between Funen Police and SDU UAS Center

An innovative cooperation between the Funen police (Fyns Politi) and SDU UAS Center originated when Funen Police contacted SDU for help in introducing drones in police work, for instance at accident scenes and search and rescue operations.

The Funen police had many ideas as to how they could use drones in their work and SDU’s drone experts could contribute on how to bring these ideas into reality.

Equipped with drones and knowledge

Kjeld Jensen from SDU UAS Center immediately saw the potential of the idea and the cooperation took off. The researchers have contributed with their knowledge within drone technology and drone legislation through a series of workshops and discussions. The cooperation has also included technical support and SDU has been responsible for demonstrations of various equipment and support in the operational areas. As a result of the cooperation, Funen Police is today fully equipped with drones, and has already used drones in several operations, for instance at a truck accident on the Great Belt Bridge in July 2018.

Drones in public service

The development of drone technology to support public service sector is part of the UAS Center’s vision on developing drones to the benefit of society. A vision, that is in line with the Danish Drone strategy´s ambition to promote the public sector’s use of drones. An ambition that is also the backbone in SDU’s cooperation with eg. Odense University Hospital (OUH) on the development of health drones.

The use of drones is expanding

In addition to the fact that the Funen Police is now actively using drones in police work, they have made an agreement with the Funen Emergency Management Agency (Beredskab Fyn) to fly drones for them in case of accidents, where drones can contribute to the operation.  

Furthermore the experience from the cooperation with SDU will also be used to expand the use of drones to other Danish police districts.



Kjeld Jensen, Associate professor, SDU UAS Center,

Last Updated 10.07.2020