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Danish Centre for Rural Research - CLF

About our research

CLF is a national, interdisciplinary research centre under the Department of Political Science and Public Management at the University of Southern Denmark.

CLF’s organizational position provides the opportunity to put together research teams that match the individual research tasks while retaining the individual employee's professional connection to their own academic community.

The research conducted at CLF is based on several social disciplines that support the breadth and complexity of the research field. The researchers associated with the centre have an educational background in sociology, anthropology, economics and political science. This provides an opportunity to illuminate the individual issues simultaneously with a multi-perspective research approach.

Research areas

In these areas we do empirical work in projects concerning food products, tourism, innovation, competency development, local partnerships, voluntarism, schools, multifunctional agriculture, the new local government, rural policy etc. Our most important theoretical approaches are innovation theory, network theory, social capital and organizational learning.

CLF works to increase collaboration with other SDU departments and centers, where it can enhance the quality of work and promote value in use and publication, and where such collaboration can contribute to the development of the centre's competencies and knowledge.

CLF's ambition is to continue to be a central focal point for rural research in Denmark, both through project collaboration with other research environments and through the organization of workshops and conferences.

The centre has a wide international collaboration with institutions and researchers from other universities, including PhD collaboration and major research projects. First and foremost, however, we prioritize Nordic cooperation and networking in the Nordic countries. 

Contact person: 

Professor and Head of Centre Egon or tel. +45 6550 3613