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Stephen Douthwaite

Professor Emeritus

Telefon: +45 6550 2395

Stephen Douthwaite studied biochemistry and microbiology at the University of Wales in Cardiff (graduating in 1976), and focused his research interests on antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria soon after joining the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in West Berlin (1977-81). He obtained a PhD in biostructural chemistry from Aarhus University, Denmark before joining the University of California in Santa Cruz, USA as a postdoc (1984-87). Later in 1987, he came to Odense, first as an associate professor and from 2005 as Professor of Molecular Microbiology. He currently has emeritus status at BMB, and continues his research interests on how different RNA modifications can confer antibiotic resistance in Bacteria, and enable Archaea to survive and grow at extreme temperatures.


Head of research: Professor Emeritus, PhD Stephen Douthwaite

Researchers and research group: Stephen Douthwaite Lab

Group webpageMolecular Microbiology

 A complete list of publications by Stephen Douthwaite can be found here.



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