Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

The true delight is in finding out rather than knowing.

We study the basic molecular and biochemical processes that mediate cellular growth and development and cellular interactions in living organisms.

We use highly advanced analytical and biochemical techniques and computational tools (bioinformatics) to characterize and understand gene organization, protein structure and function and membrane composition and dynamics. Our research provides insight into the mechanisms of disease development, for instance in diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative disorders and pathogenic bacterial infections.

The international and interdisciplinary scientific research environment at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology provides an excellent platform for a future career in biotechnology, biomedicine or bioinformatics.

Best regards

Jakob Møller-Jensen
Head of Department




Upcoming events  

15 January - SDU/OUH Cancer Symposium 2020

17 January -Masters exam - Emilie Boye Lester
Detection of repeat expansions in the human genome using two different whole genome sequencing approaches.

21 January - Masters exam - Mikkel K. D. Larsen
Lav eller høj-intens træning i fastende eller ikke-fastende tilstand for fedttab i overvægtige

23 January - Masters exam - Mathilde Jørgensen
Regulation of glucokinase expression in hepatocytes by the glucocorticoid receptor

31 January - Masters exam - Peter Toft Jensen
Characterization of specific ubiquitin chain types

31. January - Masters exam - Eva Frederikke Høy Helms 
Factors Affecting Mitochondrial Respiratory Capacity in Human Adipose Tissue - a Method Study and an Intervention Study

4 February - Masters exam - Sohail Mohammad Nasseri
Distribution of intrinsic spinal sensory neurons in different animal species.

6 February - Masters exam  - Sarah Mujinga Kateta
Glatiramer Acetate: Mechanisms of action post-stroke.

6 February - Functional Genomics & Metabolism Distinguished Seminar
Transcriptional termination and links to RNA processing/decay pathways

21 February -  Functional Genomics & Metabolism Distinguished Seminar
Long non-coding RNAs regulate cellular identity in pancreas development and cancer

17 March - ATLAS & Functional Genomics & Metabolism Joint Distinguished Seminar
Adipose Tissue as an Endocrine Organ – Adipokines Acting in Harmony and Dissonance

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