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23 January 2019 - Master's defence - Nelly Bjørnes
The role of myeloid cell secretion of tumor necrosis factor in the development of abdominal aortic aneurysms

23 January 2019 - Master's defence - Catarina Maria Bento Soares
Neurofilament levels in the serum of patients with Multiple Sclerosis

23 January 2019 - Master's defence - Tamanna Mohammadi
Dissecting the role of m6A RNA modification in planarian regeneration

23 January 2019 - Master's defence - Janusa Rasalingam
Identification of mRNA internal N7-Methylguanosine (m7G) modification binding proteins

24 January 2019 - Guest lecture - Guangchuang Yu, Ph.D.
Data integration and visualization of phylogenetic trees

25 January 2019 - Master's defence - Mathias Sebastian Green
Systematic analysis of anti-virulent properties of fatty acids targeting Listeria monocytogenes

25 January 2019 - Interactive workshop - Guangchuang Yu, Ph.D.
Pathway analysis with cluster Profiler

28 January 2019 - Qualifying exam - Stéphanie Yuki Kolbeck Hotta
Towards patient specific 3D bioprinted human skin

29 January 2019 - Master's defence - Line Østerby Jørgensen
Ex-vivo effect of cladribine on murine microglial cells

31 January 2019 - Master's defence - Frederik Haugaard Vrdlovec Holck
Characterization of kidney cancer tumors by mass spectrometry and proteomics

31 January 2019 - Master's defence - Patrick Bjork Richardt
Hemoglobin binding bacterial proteins; investigations of their interference with hemoglobin removal from the blood in the human host

1 February 2019 - Master's defence - Khaibar Ghulam Hazrat
Effect of FGF1 and on palmitic acid induced insulin resistance in differentiated C2C12 myotubes

4 February 2019 - Seminar - Jonas Thue Treebak
Role of NAMPT and NAD+ precursors for skeletal muscle health and disease

14 February 2019 - Master's defence - Hozan Muhammed Abdullah
Laboratory Screening to prevent spread of vancomycin resistant enterococci (VRE) in hospitals

19 February 2019 - Master's defence - Sofie Rattenborg Kristiansen
Characterization of the phenotypes of DNA methyltransferase inhibitor-treated cancer cells

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