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Determinants and patterns of health events in Danish-flagged ships: a project based on RMD data

Project description
Radio Medical Denmark (RMD) has provided Tele Medical Assistance Service (TMAS) to Danish as well as English-speaking seafarers since 1980. Only limited scientific documentation of health outcomes and their determinants based on RMD data exists. We will investigate associations between determinants of health and health events among seafarers in Danish-flagged ships.

The data for this project is based on contacts, approximately 1,100 per year, from ships to Radio Medical Denmark in the period from 2001 to at least 2014, possibly even until 2021. The dataset will be supplemented by data from the Danish Maritime Authority, which contributes annual estimates of all seafarers; It is information such as broad age groups, occupation and nationality. Outcome will include contacts and evacuations caused by different kinds of diseases and injuries - coded according to ICD-10. The outcomes of this project will have both high scientific and practical significance for improving seafarers’ health through preventing diseases and injuries and promoting health.

Researcher responsible for the project
Kimmo Herttua

The current project period is estimated to end by June 2023.

The project is financed internally, but the establishment of the RMD database was part of a former project financed by the Danish Maritime Fund.

Last Updated 20.10.2023