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Nordplus Idrott

The Nordplus-Idrott Network (NIN) is aimed at institutions with postgraduate degree programs in sport and physical education in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. At present, there are 23 active members in the network.

The main activities carried out by NIN comprise student and teacher exchanges, intensive courses and the development of courses in sports and physical education.

There have been six specific groups attached to Nordplus-Idrott, which have had its own professional focus such as gymnastic apparatus work, ball games, swimming, dance, sports coaching and outdoor life.

NIN has only been supported for student and teacher exchanges the last 5 years, therefore most of the specific groups have become passive.

The swimming group is still active, and four universities, University of Southeast Norway (Bø) (coordinator), Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, Stockholm and Holar University College, Iceland has established a joint Nordic Master in Outdoor Studies (Friluftsliv Studier)

Also, in 2020 NIN has applied for funds for student and teacher exchanges as well as for Network development.

 The network is coordinated by the Institute of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics at the University of Southern Denmark. In addition, each member has a local coordinator

The complete list of network members in Nordplus-Idrott 2020:

 DK-University of Southern Denmark

Unit: Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics

Contact person: Froberg, Karsten


Phone number: 0045 60113457

DK-University of Copenhagen (DK)

Unit: Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports

Contact person: Bügel, Susanne Gjedsted


Phone number: +4535332490

DK-Aalborg University (DK)

Unit: Department of Health Science and Technology

Contact person: Franch, Jesper


Phone number: +45 6177 4899

 DK-Aarhus University (DK)

Unit: Department of Public Health - Sport Science

Contact person: Andersen, Thomas Bull


Phone number: 0045 28114126

FI-University of Jyväskylä (FI)

Unit: Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences

Contact person: Viitanen, Piia


Phone number: 00358 408054808

FI-HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences (FI)

Unit: Haaga-Helia, Vierumäki Campus

Contact person: Vähälummukka, Mika


Phone number: +358447080318

IS-University of Iceland (IS)

Unit: Faculty of Sports, Leisure Studies and Social Education

Contact person: Gudmundsson, Hafthor


Phone number: 00354 525 5950

LT-Lithuanian Sports University (LT-LSU)

Contact person: Gruodyte-Raciene, Rita


Phone number: 00370 37302621

LV-Latvian Academy of Sport Education (LV)

Contact person: Solovjova, Jelena


Phone number: 371 67799539 (325)

NO-Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NO)

Unit: Department of Physical Education

Contact person: Oftebro, Mette Katrine


Phone number: 0047 23262034

NO-University of Agder (NO-UiA)

Unit: Faculty of Health and Sport

Contact person: Stølevik, Sveinung Berntsen


Phone number: +47 3814 1045

NO-NTNU- Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NO-NTNU)

Campus: NO-Uplassert (NO)

Unit: Department of Neuromedicine and Movement Science

Contact person: Roeleveld, Karin


Phone number: 0047 73412984

NO-Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (NO-HVL)

Campus: NO-Campus Sogndal (NO)

Unit: Faculty of Teacher Education, Arts and Sports

Contact person: Solbraa, Ane Kristiansen


Phone number: +47 57 67 60 81

NO-Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (NO-INN)

Campus: NO-Campus Elverum (NO)

Unit: Faculty of Social and Health Sciences

Contact person: Lyngvær, Kjersti


Phone number: 00 47 62 43 03 12

NO-University College of Southeast Norway (NO-HSN)

Campus: NO-Campus Bø (NO)

Unit: Høgskolen i Sørøst-Norge

Contact person: Thoresen, Trine


Phone number: 0047 31009230

NO-Nord University (NO)

Campus: NO-Campus Bodø (NO)

Unit: Faculty of Education and Arts

Contact person: Dahl, Dagmar Gerda Martha


Phone number: 0047 75517939


SE-Göteborg University (SE):

Unit: Institutionen för kost- och idrottsvetenskap, IKI

Contact person: Schubring, Astrid


Phone number: +46 31 786 4221

SE-Örebro University (SE)

Unit: School of Health Sciences

Contact person: Tolgfors, Björn


Phone number: 0046 019 301437

SE-The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (SE-GIH)

Contact person: Wittmer, Claudia


Phone number: +46 8 120 538 15

SE-Umeå University (SE)

Unit: Department of Education

Contact person: Ferry, Magnus


Phone number: 0046 907865309

SE-Linnaeus University (SE-LIU)

Unit: Sport Science

Contact person: Hedberg, Marie


Phone number: 0046 470708084

SE-Malmö University (SE)

Unit: Sport Sciences

Contact person: Johnsson, Mats


Phone number: +46406658271

SE-Halmstad University (SE)

Unit: School of Health and Welfare Sciences

Contact person: Kristén, Lars


Phone number: 0046 35 16 72 15


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Last Updated 17.07.2020