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Ongoing PhD projects

PhD student Karoline Duus Jørgensen: "Reshaping Local Social Initiatives: The Creation of Social Purpose Clusters". Read more (danish)

PhD student Simon Sølvsten: "A financial perspective on risk management in the insurance industry". Read more (danish)

PhD student Maj Dang Trong:
Consumer engagement in energy markets: its role, development, and impact on network tariffs and customer service. Read more

PhD student Bo Villumsen:
Volunteer associations as tourism actors. Read more (danish)

PhD student Felix Wasser:
Enhancing advertising efficiency: a multi-level approach. Read more

PhD student Barbora Gulisova:
Developing Rural Place Branding. Read more (danish)

PhD student Eva Mærsk:  
How does the the provinceuniversity interact with students' motives and strategies. Read more (danish)