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Research themes


  • A comparison of Pompey's reorganisation in inland Pontos region with that of the Syrian Decapolis.
  • What is the relation between local (city) cults and regional (koinon, provincial) temples to the emperor?
  • An investigation into the epigraphy of Neoklaudiopolis and Pompeiopolis in the first century BC to the second century AD, and a comparison with inscriptions from Amaseia and Komana. What do they tell us about the introduction of civic institution into a new city?
  • How does the Neoklaudiopolis oath compare with Hellenistic civic oaths (Chersonesos, Mylasa) and other oaths and vows in the Roman world (the sacramentum militare, vota for the health of the emperor, etc.)
  • An investigation into the introduction of emperor worship in Pontos: innovation or continuation of Hellenistic and Iranian institutions? Were local and regional cults of the emperor established by a top-down process or on local or regional elite initiative?

Last Updated 16.08.2016