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Centre of Maritime Health and Society

With relevant research-based knowledge, CMSS contributes to the establishment of healthy, safe and stimulating working conditions in maritime jobs and to ensuring the best possible conditions for the maritime industry related to environmental and business economics.

The Centre of Maritime Health and Society (CMSS) is a research unit of the University of Southern Denmark. CMSS provides research and documentation that helps to optimize working environment, occupational health and safety and environmental economics in relation to The Blue Denmark and the maritime industry in general. The Centre was established in 1992, is situated in Esbjerg and has a multidisciplinary staff with  backgrounds within health sciences, social science and technology.
CMSS has a funding from the Danish state amounting to ca. 4.1  million DKK in 2022. In addition, external funding is applied for in strong competition with Danish as well as foreign research institutions.

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Centre of Maritime Health and Society Department of Public Health University of Southern Denmark

  • Degnevej 14
  • Esbjerg - DK-6705
  • Phone: +45 6550 8346

Last Updated 23.05.2024