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MOOC (Massive Online Open Course): Introduction to Phenomenology

Hvem: Read more
Varighed:  4 week course with 3 hours of study time per week
Hvor: Online

This MOOC focuses on how philosophical phenomenological works concerning embodiment, consciousness and interaction can be ‘put to use’ by ‘non-philosophers' working with qualitative research in projects related to, between others, health, education, psychology sport and performance arts.

Phenomenology is one of the most influential philosophy schools. It focuses on exploring in-depth aspects of lived experience in a variety of contexts. Using phenomenology in the study of these different aspects of human lived experience enables researchers to access insights that other approaches cannot achieve.

What do you achieve on the course?

On this four-week course, you’ll get to know the main themes of philosophical phenomenology and how it can be put to use in qualitative research. You’ll discover how you can integrate phenomenology at different stages of a qualitative research project. Through real-life examples of different projects, you will find out how qualitative researchers have benefitted from using this philosophical tradition.

Throughout the course, you will engage in online-debates with other learners to help you evaluate the challenges of integrating phenomenology and qualitative research methodologies. You will also have the opportunity to start thinking about your own research project and interests.


Professor Susanne Ravn (SDU), senior lecturer Maria-Luisa Cavana (OU), Professor Dan Zahavi, Professor Shaun Gallagher, senior lecturer Joel Krueger, lecture Simon Høffding, lecture Marianne Klinke, adjunct Sarah Pini, post.doc Kristian Martiny og phd student Sara Kim Hjortborg.

This course has been designed by the SDU (University of Southern Denmark) and The Open University – an industry lead in distance education.

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