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Projektet er afsluttet september 2016.

Beskrivelse forefindes kun på engelsk.

The REPOPA consortium has seven countries and nine institutes.

The coordinator is SDU, Unit for Health Promotion Research. From SDU also the SDU Institute of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics is on board. For other partners, please visit our website.

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Timeframe:     October 2011 to September 2016

Funded by:      the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

Email:              REPOPA Coordinator Arja R. Aro,

REPOPA aims and objectives


REsearch into POlicy to enhance Physical Activity (REPOPA) is a five year project, where researchers from seven countries are working together to build future evidence into policy making.

REPOPA aims to integrate scientific research knowledge, expert know-how and real world policy making process to increase synergy and sustainability in promoting health and preventing disease, and to promote physical activity in structural policy making, by:

  • Building on evidence and experiences on policy making processes;
  • Studying innovative ’win-win’ ways to collaborate between academia and policy makers;
  • Establishing structures and best practices for future health promotion.

Project expected outcomes:

  • Increased use of research evidence in policy making;
  • Closer understanding and collaboration between academia, practice and policy makers/politicians;
  • Increased collaboration across sectors in physical activity policy making;
  • Sustainable knowledge integration;
  • Improved theoretical and methodological competences.


Status of the REPOPA project (summer 2015)


The REPOPA project is soon starting its fifth and final year. The publications of the first phase, which studied use of research evidence and other kinds of evidence is in the article production phase. The two sets of interventions, game simulation interventions in Denmark, the Netherlands and Romania were completed in the spring 2015. The stewardship interventions, also run in three countries of Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands, were also finalized in the spring 2015.  Based on the previous phases since 2011 REPOPA project has during the last year carried out a Delphi study among national and international policy experts to develop and validate indicators of evidence-informed policy making. The Delphi study will be finished in the coming autumn-winter by national conferences to discuss the local feasibility of the indicators developed internationally. In addition to scientific research work, REPOPA aims to initialize national platforms or interest groups which could continue evidence-informed policy making in a sustainable way also after the REPOPA project. REPOPA will be officially finished and wrapped up by an invitational conference in Brussels, where the work done and tools developed in the project will be disseminated and discussed.

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