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The Research Unit for Clinical Biomechanics (KB) is a multidisciplinary research unit that aims to improve people’s musculoskeletal health across the life course.

We do this:

  • Across the health care system with a focus on primary care
  • Via a commitment to research translation and implementation,
  • Through influencing changes to practice and health policy,
  • By impacting the knowledge, attitudes and behavior of clinicians, patients, policymakers and the public

We collaborate extensively with stakeholders in society including patients, clinicians, professional organizations, policy makers, and the public in order to secure the relevance of our research.

We are actively engaged in communication about evidence and implementation of evidence-based care in Danish society and internationally in order to positively impact public health.

KB is, together with FOF and FAS part of the Center for Muscle and Joint Health at the Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics.

The centre has more than 50 researchers dedicated to improving the health of people who experience pain and disability due to disorders and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Sidst opdateret: 31.08.2022