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Model for UP/LTP - for hold fra vinter 2019 og frem


The Lecturer Training Program (LTP) aims at upgrading your pedagogical qualifications and teaching skills as a teacher at SDU. The main objective is to facilitate your individual professional development with a focus on reflecting on your own and others' teaching practices, giving and receiving constructive feedback and engaging in professional development.

Program outline

The LTP is nominated to 10 ECTS points (approximately 270 hours). We suggest that you try to complete the program within a year to ensure continuality and to keep everything fresh in memory. The LTP course is an individual learning and development process and therefore there is no mandatory completion time.

The residential represents the residential courses and an introduction to coaching. Throughout the full LTP program you will be part of a workgroup that includes an Supervisor with a background within the field of teaching and learning.

Different roles in the LTP program

  • Participant: That is, you
  • Supervisor: Is an external supervisor who will help with facilitation of supervision.
  • Workgroup: Is your colleague group for the residential and for supervision.
  • Local Mentor: Is an internal supervisor that will join the supervision and can help with the local interpretations of your profession’s teaching and learning practice.
  • Consultant: Is the assigned SDUUP consultant for your individual development projects and concluding dialogue
  • Program Leader: Is the coordinator for the whole program, from SDUUP (SDU Universitetspædagogik/Centre for Teaching and Learning).

Module description

All program information, materials, assignments and guides are available in the LTP Blackboard room in which you are enrolled. All the templates are in English, but you can write your assignments in Danish if preferred.


Module description


Module 1: Inspiration (4½ ECTS – 120 hours)

  • Residential courses
  • Online self-paced courses
  • Electives

Module 2: Coaching (1 ECTS – 27 hours)

  • Introduction to supervision (starts at residential)
  • Supervision

Module 3: Development (3½ ECTS – 95 hours)

  • Upload your idea-paper
  • Project start-up meeting (with your Supervisor and a Consultant).  
  • Upload your extended problem formulation for approval 
  • Conduct your development project in your teaching (main objective)
  • Upload your development report for approval

Module 4: Presenting (½ ECTS – 13 hours)

Share and present your results to a large audience. (e.g. TAL, DUNK, DUT, LOM, department day)

Module 5: Portfolio (SDU requirement – 7 hours)

  • SDU requires all teachers to make and publish a teaching portfolio

Module 6: Future Development (½ ECTS – 13 hours)

  • Hand in your LTP-journal showing process and progression through Modules 1-5.
  • Concluding dialogue with a Consultant, Supervisor and your local mentor.


Example of an LTP progression


LTP time line





Module 1


120 hours

Module 2


27 hours

Module 3


95 hours

Module 4


13 hours

Module 5

SDU requirement

7 hours

Module 6


13 hours










Module time estimate 




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