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New Professor MSO at the Department of Law

New Professor MSO at the Department of Law

We welcome Professor MSO Steffen Hindelang at the Department of Law as per 1 November 2017

Steffen Hindelang


Steffen Hindelang is a professor with special responsibility (WSR) at the University of Southern Denmark and adjunct faculty at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin/Germany.


He teaches and researches in the areas of international economic law, esp. international investment law, EU law and German public law. He successfully led, conducted and carried out large scale research projects independently and in teams. His Ph.D. thesis was on “The Free Movement of Capital and Foreign Direct Investment: The Scope of Protection in EU Law” (OUP, 2009). The monograph has been book reviewed in leading journals seven times and was cited by the Court of Justice of the European Union. Furthermore, he has written extensively in English and German language on the Common Commercial Policy, international economic law, EU constitutional law issues such as the concept of autonomy of EU law as well as the role and function of the European Parliament in the multi-level constitutional order of the EU. He is also senior fellow at the Walter Hallstein Institute of European Constitutional Law at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and academic advisor to the International Investment Law Centre Cologne (IILCC).  In 2017 he was guest researcher at the Faculty of Law of the University of Uppsala as a Riksbankens Jubileumsfond – Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung Swedish Prize Laureate. Furthermore, he advised, inter alia, European governments in international investment disputes and international organisations, such as UNCTAD, on matters of reform of the current international investment law regime. In 2017, he acted as co-rapporteur for two sessions at the UNCTAD High-level IIA Conference. He was repeatedly invited by the European Parliament’s INTA Committee to prepare studies on the evolvement of the EU Common Commercial Policy in the area of investment. Just recently, the European Parliament published the study “In Pursuit of an International Investment Court Recently Negotiated Investment Chapters in EU Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements in Comparative Perspective” which he co-authored. Lately, in broadening his research base, he acquired interdisciplinary expertise in the fields of media and communication studies, political theory, and the regulation of free speech by law and technology. He has just completed a manuscript of a monograph on “Mass Media and Communicative Self-determination – Constitutional determinants of a public sphere in the era of the networked information economy”. 

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