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New Associate Professor at the Department of Law

We welcome Associate Professor Andrea Minto at the Department of Law as of 1 October 2018


Andrea Minto is a Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Southern Denmark. He also holds a Tenured-Associate Professorship at Ca' Foscari University of Venice under the auspices of the prestigious "Rientro dei Cervelli Programme".

Besides this, he also works as Senior Policy Adviser and researcher at the Deutsche Bundesbank Eurosystem - DG Financial Stability. Between 2014 and 2018 Andrea Minto was Assistant Professor in Law and Economics at Utrecht University School of Law and Utrecht School of Economics (USE).

Andrea Minto's field resides at the intersection of Law and Economics. His domain of expertise in fact extends to Economic Law, Competition Law, European and Comparative Financial Regulation, Company and Business Law, Banking Law, FinTech and RegTech. He is a member of various research groups on corporate governance, such as the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI – Brussels),  and he has extensive experience in policy-making. He worked (and is still working) with many central banks, international organisations and policy makers worldwide (i.e. Deutsche Bundesbank, DeNederlandscheBank, Bank of Italy, European Banking Authority, Bank for International Settlements, International Anti-Corruption Academy, Asian Institute of International Financial Law).

In 2014 he was selected by the Bank for International Settlements – Basel Committee of Banking Supervisors -  to undertake the research on the effectiveness of the Three-lines-of-defense model at financial institutions. In 2018 he was awarded with a second BIS Fellowship to investigate SMEs access to finance in the FinTech era, together with Clara De Luigi (OeNB) and Leonardo Gambacorta (BIS).

Lately, his research interests has embraced the role of behaviourally informed regulation (i.e. nudging, empowerment), in countering cultural deficiencies at banks (docile board members, little group interaction, unsupportive communication climate), on the one hand, and the tension between technological innovation and financial stability, on the other.

In his spare time, Andrea enjoys nature as much as he can. He is a runner (with a PB of 1:10' in half marathon) and he loves hiking, skiing, mountain biking. He combines his passion for running and the mountains by devoting himself to trailrunning and skyrunning. Besides, he is into photography and he enjoys playing  the guitar.

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