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A newly published book is available!

The book “Arctic Marine Resource Governance and Development” offers a unique insight into the ecosystem changes underway in the Artic region






The editors include Professor Niels Vestergaard and professor Brooks A. Kaiser from University of Southern Denmark, Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics.


Working with the book has been really interesting as the book is based on presentations from the Conference ‘Arctic Marine Resource Governance’ held in Reykjavik Iceland in 2015. From the more than 30 presentations 9 ended up being selected and included in the book as contributing chapters. The ecosystem changes are expected to have significant impacts on living resources in both the short and long run, and current actions and policies adopted over such resource governance will have serious and ultimately irreversible consequences in the near and long terms.


The book is divided into four main themes:

1. Global management and institutions for Arctic marine resources

2. Resource stewards and users: local and indigenous co-management

3. Governance gaps in Arctic marine resource management, and

4. Multi-scale, ecosystem-based, Arctic marine resource management.


Redaktionen afsluttet: 01.03.2018