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Research Workshop on Experimentation and Prototyping in Entrepreneurship

Date: 8th of January 2019 Location: University of Southern Denmark, Kolding, Denmark


In recent years, an experimental approach to entrepreneurship has been on the rise, emphasizing iteration, experimentation and flexibility in entrepreneurial processes. This is evident in the proliferation of approaches such as lean startup, design thinking, pretotyping, A/B testing etc. Thus, scholars have linked entrepreneurship with the logics of design, and the methods, tools, heuristics, and techniques that it entails. The most prominent design tool is prototyping, which has been conceptualized as linking early and later phases of opportunity generation, as also underlined in in the recent developments in popular practitioner literature on entrepreneurship. Yet, popular practitioner literature employs relatively broad understandings of the how and why of prototyping and experimentational activities, while only limited attention has been given to these in entrepreneurship field. Consequently, to have this interest in prototyping relate to the broader debate experimental entrepreneurship, and account for the current research-practice gap, there is potential in exploring prototyping as an experimental design tool in entrepreneurial processes


In this workshop, we seek to invite new conversations and ideas, exploring the dynamic interplay of experimental tools such as prototyping and entrepreneurial process of opportunity generation Particularly, we will highlight the need for new research approaches and the increasing emphasis of relevance in research efforts.



The workshop will include presentations of e.g. finished or on-going research projects, research papers, practitioner experiences and reflection. We thus welcome a broad range of presentations. There will also be time for discussions and exploration of ideas and possible collaborations at the workshop.


If you are interested in presenting at the workshop, please contact the organizers.


Preliminary Program

9.00-9.30     Welcome and introduction

9.30-10.15     Keynote: Henrik Berglund, Chalmers University of Technology. “Entrepreneurship as Experimentation and Transformation

10.15-12.15     Presentations of research papers and best practices:

                               Fei Yu (SDU Sønderborg): Smart Prototyping

                               Steffen Korsgaard (SDU Kolding) and Claus Thrane (AU): The Role of Prototyping in Entrepreneurial Processes

                               Steffen Paust and Bo Mortensen (SDU Kolding): TBA

12.00-13.00   Lunch

13.00-14.30   Presentations of research papers and best practices

                                 Ferran Giones (SDU Sønderborg): Activating University-Industry collaborations, a pilot study

                                 TBD (contact organizers if you are interested in presenting)

14.30-15.00   Closing discussion



For registration and questions please contact Steffen Paust at or Steffen Korsgaard at


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