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International Research Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Context

Keynotes by Alistair Anderson and Johan Gaddefors

Date: 24th of May 2018

Location: University of Southern Denmark, Kolding, Denmark



The topic of context has been gaining increasing attention in recent years within the entrepreneurship field. European entrepreneurship scholars have long been engaged in the study of context, oftentimes in sub-fields such as rural entrepreneurship, regional level studies of e.g. clusters, regional systems of entrepreneurship, and informal entrepreneurship. These streams of research offer a rich backdrop for new researchers to develop new projects based on a thorough understanding of different social, cultural, economic and spatial contexts. Yet, to have these new projects relate to the broader debate on context is a difficult challenge considering the requirement for rigorous theory development as well as increasing and justified calls for more relevance in entrepreneurship research.


In this workshop, we seek to invite new conversations and ideas, exploring the dynamic interplay of entrepreneurial actions and social, spatial, cultural and economic contexts aspects. Particularly, we will highlight the need for new research approaches and the increasing emphasis of relevance in research efforts.



The workshop will include keynote speeches, panel debates, and round table discussions. If you have a specific question or idea you want to discuss, or a paper or project you would like to present, please do not hesitate to contact us in advance.



For registration and questions please contact Steffen Korsgaard at


The workshop is limited to 25 participants.


Last date to register: 1st of May 2018


Register by sending a request to


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